Most common computer problems

There is nothing more annoying than having to work on a computer that is not responsive or throwing errors at random intervals. While a lot of time gets wasted trying to get things rolling again, there is always the possibility of losing data or files which are very important. Most of the time people don’t even understand some of the error messages that appear on your PC and figuring a way out becomes even more difficult.  There is software available to boost the performance or fix your PC quickly. If everything is taking longer and your PC is not performing optimally, you can blame the most common causes mentioned below:

It has been corrupted

Viruses and malware are some of the most common issues you might face, though these can easily be resolved. If it’s a software problem, those can easily be resolved by running a repair utility or uninstalling and reinstalling if it’s on desktop. Similarly, you can login and log off if it’s a cloud app. The best thing to do is to keep your software updated if you want to stay away from problems.

Hard Drive is causing trouble

If your hard-drive is full, you might consider keeping your computer. A few fixes can easily solve the problem and get you back on track. You can easily clean up your hard drive by eliminating files you no longer need. By updating or installing the latest antivirus and antispyware software, you can remove any hidden programs that were slowing you down.

Freeze-ups have become more frequent

If you find your computer freezing up, every now and then, there is a possibility it has been infested by a bug. While it could be a probable cause, it could also be a computer “hiccup.” it will require you to simply reboot your machine. Mostly this does the trick but if that’s not the case, it could be an indication of a virus, a bad program, that you need to remove from your PC.

Your computer makes noise

Most of the time, your computer would operate silently or you would just hear the soft hum of the internal fan. But if it starts making strange noises, it’s a call for concern. It’s mostly the hard drive that is dying, so it would be good to create backups before something like that happens.

Your power supply is dying

This issue can arise in both new and old computers; while it’s usually the old ones that die out, sometimes a bug can make even a new one crash – just like how a glitch works. If your computer doesn’t turn on, there is a chance that the power supply isn’t working anymore. Power supplies fall in the equipment category and are not some electrical cords.

Initially you can try holding down the on/off button to see if it comes back to life. If that doesn’t work, you would probably need to take it to a professional. A power supply is something that can easily be replaced and won’t ruin your entire setup.

We offer a comprehensive computer repair service and if you find yourself struggling with your PC, you can always reach out to us.