5 Signs That Your Laptop Is in Need of Repair!

Is your laptop shutting down unexpectedly, loading slowly, or repeatedly displaying errors?

It might be time for computer repairs.

Urgent Laptop Repairs


Computer problems are extremely common in today’s digital world. At Home Tech Rescue we see them every day!

Society depends so heavily on devices to go about our day to day, it can be catastrophic when one of them breaks unexpectedly or becomes faulty beyond use.

It’s a massive inconvenience when this happens and it often leaves us wishing we had seen the faults coming, to avoid the stress of seeking out last-minute emergency repairs.

While we can’t predict when faults will occur in our devices, we can learn to identify subtle characteristics of our machines that indicate an imminent problem.

While there are several reasons why faults can occur, the most common warning signs are the easiest to identify.


Here are 5 Signs That Your Laptop Is in Need of Repair


Overheating Laptop

1. Laptop getting overheated

The majority of laptops tend to get a little warm by design, and, despite their name, experts advise not placing them on your lap because of this heat exhaust. It’s recommended that you instead use a desk surface to conduct your laptop activities.

However you chose to use your laptop is down to you, but if you’re feeling extreme heat radiating off the device to the point where the laptop is too hot to place on your lap or

feeling the heat on your hands when you’re simply using the keyboard, it’s time to get your computer seen to by an expert.

When your machines are overheating, there’s something seriously wrong!


Laptop Hardware Repairs

2. Laptop making loud & strange noises

If your computers and electronic devices are making strange, loud, or un-explained sounds when booted up, it’s certainly cause for concern.

Typically, loud noises can be attributed to a faulty disc drive, blocked fans, or a damaged hard drive. These issues are usually simple to identify. The sounds will be localised to the faulty area and the hardware that is having trouble functioning will potentially overheat.

However, if you can’t identify these problems and perform simple fixes yourself, it’s probably a good idea to seek out the help of a trained technician.

At Home tech Rescue, we offer quick and effective laptop repair services!

If you need help fixing your device or pointers towards simply identifying a fault, give us a call!

Laptop Not Working

3. Blue screen (of death)

Laptops with Windows-based OS have certain mechanisms in place that will automatically shut your entire system down prior to any significant issue or fatal hardware damage. Usually, it gives you a warning by displaying a blue screen with an error message.

It’s every PC user’s worst nightmare!

Since these error prompts are quite ominous and could indicate that there is a significant problem with your HDD, OS, or computer parts, it’s been dubbed by many as the “blue screen of death.”

In situations like this, your best shot is to consult a repair guru immediately.

Laptop Battery Repairs

4. Shutting down unexpectedly

If your laptop shuts-off out of the blue while you are in the middle of your work, gaming or just browsing the internet, it’s safe to say there’s a problem. These issues are often linked to battery issues.

If you experience frequent, unexpected shutdowns, you will need to get your battery checked and most likely replace it.

Of course, there is a possibility that it might only be a screen problem, if your device is powering up, remaining active but the screen itself isn’t displaying anything. Either way, your device isn’t going to function properly, so visit a laptop technician as soon as you can!

Laptop Connection Issues

5. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Does your recently purchased Bluetooth speaker not connect to your laptop? Do you have to repeatedly re-insert the network password or locate your home network? Does your internet keep dropping while you’re working on something?

Network or internet issues can severely damage your productivity, so it’s important to know where the problem lies.

However, one thing that you can do prior to going to a laptop repair expert is, try troubleshooting your wireless router. If the problem persists, you would be left with no other choice than to take your laptop to a repairing professional.


Laptops, especially old ones, can be tricky things to read. Especially when they are becoming faulty.

Seeking out repairs from a professional IT technician, for laptops showing any of the symptoms above, is recommended for the sustainability of your device.

Leaving it to chance could lead to bigger faults down the line, which will be much more costly to fix. You may even lose your computer all together.

Learn to identify potential faults in your devices. Know when to seek out help from a technician.


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