Home Tech Rescue makes backing up your files and data simple. You never know when disaster will strike and all electronic devices are prone to failure, damage, malware attacks and simple bad luck. I will help you backup all your files and data, stress free!

It’s more than inconvenient if you lose access to your personal files, such as: photos, music, emails etc. and loss of ready access to data can be fatal for a business.

If your desktop PC were to stop working tomorrow, are you confident that you would be able to restore your important data easily?

This is where a regular secure data back-up process can be a lifesaver.

Home Tech Rescue can provide you with expert advice on setting up a regular (and usually automated) secure back-up process, which will ensure that your data is readily available in the event of a disaster.


If your desktop PC has undergone a serious failure, I offer a data retrieval service to get you up and running with minimal delays.


You cannot predict the future, you never know when your systems will encounter issues, so get in touch and talk to me about backing up and storing your precious information today.

If you’re having issues with your computer systems, minor or severe, please don’t hesitate to either use the contact form, email me on or give me a call on 07517 063853