Home Tech Rescue offer guidance, training, and tuition on how to get the best from your IT.


Whether it’s getting to grips with Microsoft Office, understanding email systems or internet browsing, setting up and using a tablet or phone or simply understanding the hardware of your devices, we can help.

Home Tech Rescue offers one-to-one tuition that is simple to understand and fully tailored for your specific requirements and level of experience. I can also help you make notes and allow you to practice what you have been shown to give you more confidence for the future.

Purchasing Advice

Identifying and purchasing a new computer is littered with pitfalls and you run the risk of getting something completely unsuitable when you leave buying new devices to guesswork.


Home Tech Rescue offers “in-the-home” advice and purchasing sessions (at my normal rates) to help you pick the most suitable machines and find the best prices for them. Customers often save a great deal of money this way, making our visit all the more worthwhile.


Unfortunately, Home Tech Rescue is unable to offer free advice for this area, as it takes considerable time, but don’t hesitate to either use the contact form, email me at or ring me on 07517 063853 to book some time with us.