Expand your Wi-Fi coverage and fix connection dead zones by utilizing our Mesh Network Setup services.

In a typical home, it’s common for people to use a modem and Wi-Fi router provided by their internet service provider.

Depending on the Wi-Fi router’s capacities, it’s common to have a weaker signal one or two rooms away.

A mesh network will ensure that you get fast internet throughout your entire home or business premises.

What is a mesh Wi-Fi router? Unlike standalone routers, which use a single device to provide Wi-Fi coverage to a limited area, mesh routers use two or more connected devices to offer multiple sources of Wi-Fi signal, all on the same network.


Modern mesh systems have a simple setup, allowing you to wipe out connection dead spots and fill in the gaps in your home coverage so you can enjoy Wi-Fi in every room. Even in the back garden or garage!


If you have a large home — at least 3,000 square feet — or one with an unusual layout, more than two storeys or interior brick walls, you regularly encounter Wi-Fi dead zones, and your setup could be a viable candidate for a mesh-router system.

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