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The 5 Most Common IT Issues You Can Face & How To Solve Them

Welcome to the solution to your slow computer and connectivity issues. At Home Tech Rescue we deal with familiar computer problems regularly, with our customers consisting...
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How Can You Protect Your Devices From Viruses?

The digital world is in the midst of a deadly pandemic! Computer viruses are rampant in our modern day and age. According to a recent study by GeeksforGeeks, there’s an...
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5 Signs That Your Laptop Is in Need of Repair!

Is your laptop shutting down unexpectedly, loading slowly, or repeatedly displaying errors? It might be time for computer repairs.   Computer...
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What Is Computer Valeting, And Why Do You Need It?

What is Computer Valeting? Each and every component of the computer occasionally requires inside cleaning in order to get rid of all the elements that are capable of causing...
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How to Shop for a Used Laptop or Desktop PC

During this time of uncertainty, it’s incredibly difficult to locate a budget-friendly desktop PC or laptop that’s neat and clean to look at, a trackpad and keyboard that...
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